How do I use Netscape Mail 7.2 to check POP E-mail?

Setup A New Account - Netscape 7.2

Open Netscape Mail & Newsgroups.

If this is your first time opening Netscape Mail & Newsgroups, you will be directed automatically to the New Account Setup wizard.

If you are not, Click on the Edit menu and select Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings and click Add Account in the bottom left corner.

Make sure the dot is on Email account and click Next.



Enter your name here.

Your Name:
Your Name

This is also where you type in your email address.

Email Address:

Click Next.


Server Information

Enter your Incoming and Outgoing mail server. Make sure you have POP3 selected for the type of the incoming server.

Incoming Server:

Outgoing Server:

Click Next.

User Names

Incoming User Name:

Click Next.

Account Name


Click Next.


After reviewing the settings on this screen, click Finish and it will open up Netscape Mail & Newsgroups fully and show you your 'Inbox', automatically doing a Send/Receive for email.

Click on the Edit menu > Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings > Outgoing Server (SMTP) sub-category on the left.

Change the Server Name port number to587.

You have successfully configured your WebMail account into POP mail.


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