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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a marketing technique designed to harness prospective customers by having a Website that shows up at or near the top of a search engine's list when the prospective customers search on specific words.

Literally thousands of companies offer various forms of SEO. Many do nothing at all to help your marketing efforts. For example, they'll 'register' your Website with hundreds of search engines. First off, 4 FOUR search engines hold over 95% of the market. Second, they pay little or no attention to 'registered' Websites. If your SEO work is done correctly, the search engines will 'find' your site and place it into their database as they see fit. If they can't find your Website without your help, they aren't going to place it in any top ten search results. Some SEO companies will help you 'place in the top 10' but very few actually pay attention to the successful acquisition of paying customers. After all, your motive for wanting to use SEO techniques is to make money.

Just placing in the 'top 10' is not enough. Do you have any interest in placing in the top 10 when a person searches on the words 'tropical storm dean'? Those kewords ranked 7th most searched for on, Aug 14, 2007. The point of course is, that the keywords you place for are very important. Two criteria needs to be met.

1. That a significant number of people actually search for them and
2. That those people are (by searching on those keywords) actually interested in purchasing YOUR products and/or services.

Here at WgraFix we know how to find the HOT keywords for your business. Though the criteria to place in the 'big 4' search engines is constantly changing, we continue to stay abreast of the changes. We know how to make keywords place in the top 10 and how to make your site actually generate business.

The Goal of Search Engine Optimization

The goal of Search Engine Optimisation is not simply to bring more visitors to your web site. Effective site optimisation results in top search engine rankings that bring increased premium targeted visitors from search engines. 75-90% of Internet users begin with Search Engines Based on the query phrase used at the search engine, these premium visitors are on a mission to find your product or service, so they come pre-qualified, with a high likelihood of converting or performing a desired action on your site.

With anywhere from 75-90% of Internet users beginning their quest for information at search engines, a Search Engine Optimization creates more opportunities for premium visitors to come to your site.

Search Engine Marketing Plan

Each Search Engine Marketing plan is specifically designed and prepared for each client. The plan addresses all the issues related with the Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.

Per Page Optimization Activities

Initial site condition checks
Theme & sub-theme based keyword research and finalization
Meta tags finalization & implementation for existing pages
Existing page optimization including body text, images, headings, alt, url's, etc.
Optimization of site directory structure, site map & internal navigation
Creation of new optimized pages like Article, Links, etc
Search engine optimization review
Revised & continuously update Meta-tags
Server header checks
Code reviews (main Pages)
3 Monthly reporting Of Page Optimization Activities
Choice of submission package - (can be viewed on right side)

Fees for all SEO services listed above:

All research and testing: $500.00
Monthly Optimization Services: $450.00

Index Submissions

Manual Directory Submissions:

We'll manually submit your link to High-Quality Directories. THese will be "one-way" links and you do not have to link to these directories.

100 Submissions: $38.85
250 Submissions: $74.85
500 Submissions: $143.85
1000 Submissions:$224.85

Manual Deep-Link Submissions:

Want to get targeted links to a specific page for your website? This service is for you! A deep link is something like Please note that is a unique service and not very many companies are able to offer it.

100 Submissions: $74.85
250 Submissions: $128.85
500 Submissions: $209.85
1000 Submissions:$344.85

Manual Blog Submission:

"Pump Some Iron" into your Blog -- Try our Manual Blog Submission Solution. We'll submit your Blog URL and your XML feed URL to special blog directories out there.

100 Submissions: $59.85
250 Submissions: $113.85
500 Submissions: $194.85
1000 Submissions: $329.85

Social Bookmarking Services:

Build your BUZZ and SEO-Friendly Links from Social Bookmarking Sites like Let us do the hard part and you reap he rewards!

500 Submissions: $53.85
100 Submissions: $89.8


We'll spread the submission sover a period of 4-5 weeks. This will make the link building look even more natural to the search engines.

Additional 39.00

Rather than use just one anchor text, use multiple anchor text for different directories. This will really help with better rankings.

Additional 39.00
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